CSR Policy Commitment

Our commitment

Molslinjen's CSR Policy

The Triple Bottom Line

Molslinjen is committed to contribute to the freedom of movement providing for fast and comfortable travelling.

In providing our services we will demonstrate responsible corporate conduct by continuously identifying, preventing, or mitigating adverse impacts on sustainable development.

Our commitment rests on internationally recognised principles that are essential to sustainable development; human rights (including labour rights), environmental, and anti-corruption principles.

The principles are listed by the UN Global Compact and made operational through the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights.

We comply with national regulations wherever we operate. In addition, our commitment means that we will identify, prevent, and mitigate adverse impacts on core principles for human rights, the environment and anti-corruption. We will communicate about how we manage such impacts.

We manage potential and actual adverse impacts, which we cause or contribute to, or to which we are directly linked through our business relations, e.g. our suppliers.

Our Expectations of employees

We expect our employees to assist us in living up to our commitment by acting in accordance with this policy in their daily work.

We will embed our CSR commitment in the daily work of both our employees and management through training, communication, and ongoing assessments. 

Our Expectations of business relationships

We expect all of our business relations to meet the globally agreed minimum standard for responsible business conduct as expressed in this commitment.

Business relations shall also avoid causing or contributing to adverse impacts on human rights, environmental, and anti-corruption principles, and address any adverse impacts, when they arise.

If we become aware of unattended adverse impacts with our business relationships or in our value chains, we will use or build our leverage to make the business that causes or contributes to the impacts stop them, and ensure that they are prevented or mitigated in future.


This policy commitment is reflected in all relevant policies, guidelines, and procedures in the company.

To ensure compliance, we encourage our employees, customers, retailers, and other stakeholders to call our attention to any severe potential and actual adverse impacts on human rights, the environment, and anti-corruption that are associated with our services, products or business relations.


Policy Commitment development

This policy is developed and approved by the board of directors. Molslinjen had external experts assist in preparing the policy commitment.

The policy commitment is publicly accessible and communicated both internally and externally. To reflect the stage of our implementation and to ensure that we maintain focus on sustainable development, we will revisit and if necessary revise this policy every second year.