Molslinjen's Responsibility

in Business Relationships

Questions and Answers

1. Responsibility in Business Relationships

With our Code of Conduct (CoC), Molslinjen works to ensure a responsible business conduct amongst our business relationships. 

Molslinjen seeks to ensure that otherwise overlooked risks with our business relationships are identified, that escalation of impacts, which may both damage our and our business relationships’ reputation, is prevented, and that stakeholders are engaged; all to the benefit of the sustainability of society at large and of our business.

The background for this work can be found in the adoption of a global minimum standard for responsible business conduct, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (OECD) – both adopted in 2011. Today, these instruments set the global minimum standard for what can specifically be expected by any company in relation to managing its adverse impacts on society – i.e. in relation to responsible business conduct. Molslinjen wishes to meet this standard by, among other actions, applying the standard when engaging with our business relationships.

This FAQ lists a number of frequently asked questions about our approach to responsibility in business relationships and our CoC. The FAQ serves the purpose of supporting Molslinjen and our business relationships with managing responsibility in business relationships. It thus consists of two parts. The first part is for internal use in case of doubts. The second part can be used directly in dialogue with business relationships when they have questions.

For internal use

2. Questions and answers

FAQ for internal use

for External Use

3. Questions and Answers

FAQ for external use